How do I place an order?

Just click on the “Install” icon and you will be directed to your online order form. Fill out the order form, click submit and you will receive an email indicating your order has been placed.

Will you pick up my sign panels and any other items needed to fulfill my order?

Absolutely!!! We will pick up sign panels from your office or directly from your sign provider. If we are picking up sign panels from you directly we do request that you supply us with a minimum of 5 panels (to avoid multiple pick-ups) and any personally owned riders or Lockboxes you would like us to install at your properties.

Will my sign fit your posts?

Yes, our posts accommodate sign panels up to 32”x36”. Post Up recommends a minimum sign panel width of 24 inches for maximum exposure and aesthetic beauty.

Am I buying the sign post or renting?

You are renting the post. Our installation and removal service covers the installation, removal and storage of the sign post and any sign panels, riders or Lockboxes you supply to Post Up.

How do you know where to place the sign post, and what if I have special requests for the placement of the sign?

Post Up is owned and operated by a real estate agent with extensive knowledge of where the best possible placement of a real estate sign post should be located for optimal results. If you have specific instructions for placement, please be sure to convey them in the "Special Instructions" section of the installation order form. We also have special marking flags available if you would like to obtain them and place them on the property in the exact location you would like the sign post to be placed.

What type of posts do you offer?

Post Up has various types of posts. Our Standard post is a 4x4 white wooden post that stands 6ft. tall. We also offer 3ft and 4ft deluxe double leg sign posts. If you prefer a different style sign, let us know and we can custom create something just for you. Please check with any HOA requirements to ensure the sign is suitable for the neighborhood. 

Can I choose a paint color for my post?

Yes, we will be happy to work with you to customize the color of your sign posts. A minimal fee will be charged and we will require a color sample or PMS color number to assure accuracy of the color you desire.

Do you offer riders, or can you install/remove my riders for me?

Yes, Post Up can order a sign rider for you to have installed in conjunction with your sign post. Upon removal of an agent ordered rider the rider will be stored along with your sign panels for future use. If you have your own riders Post up will be happy to store them for free and install/remove them for a minimal charge at the time of your sign installation. Please see the “Price List” for detailed pricing information.

Do you offer brochure boxes?

Yes, Post Up can supply a flyer box that will be securely mounted to the vertical arm of the sign post. Please see our “Price List” for detailed pricing information.

I don't have time to run out and stuff the brochure box with flyers; can you do that for me?

You bet!! We offer a brochure box stuffing service. Please see our “Price List” for detailed pricing information.

Does Post Up install and/or remove Lockboxes?

Absolutely, Post Up is happy to provide this service to our clients. Just include this request on your initial order form. Please see the Lockbox section in “Terms and Conditions” for details regarding this service.

Can you take an exterior photo of the property for me?

Yes, upon sign installation Post Up can take an exterior photo of the property and email it to you directly the same day. Please see the “Price List” for detailed pricing information.

How long will it take before the sign and additional services requested are installed?

If we receive your order before 3 P.M. on any day we will process that order the same day. Placing an order earlier in the day will ensure same day service. 

Is there any reason why my sign post would not be installed within the 1-2 business day installation window?

It is rare but it could happen, Post Up takes every measure to ensure that all orders we receive are completed on the same or next day. However, there are a few things that may delay a request: Providing incorrect information when ordering a service or severe inclement weather. We will always contact you to let you know if there will be a delay with your order.

How will I know when my sign is up or when any other services I have ordered are fulfilled?

We will send you a photo email confirmation via email once the installation is complete. If you would like a phone call or text message, please include in the special instructions section of the order and our installer will follow those instructions once the installation is complete.

How do I order a removal?

Just click the “Removal” icon on our homepage, fill out the removal form, click submit and your order will be sent to Post Up for processing.

How will I know the sign has been removed?

We will send you an email confirmation once the removal is complete. If you would like a phone call or text message, please include in the special instructions section of the order and our installer will follow those instructions once the removal is complete.

What happens to my signs, riders or Lockboxes when a removal is requested?

We remove, store and clean all of your signs and riders at our facility, FREE OF CHARGE.

What area do you service? Will you install a sign post that is out of your service?

Please see our “Service Area” map for our standard and extended service locations. If you would like a sign post installed outside of the service area please call our office for pricing.

What if my sign has fallen down or is leaning excessively?

We guarantee our workmanship and materials. If there is an issue, click “Repair” on our homepage and describe the issue in the “Special Instructions” section of the form. If it is due to improper installation, we will repair at absolutely no charge. If due to an unfortunate weather event or vandalism, we charge a trip charge to run out and fix it.

What if I have special instructions regarding my order?

Please enter any special instructions in the text box labeled “Special instructions” of the corresponding order form and we will be sure to accommodate them.

What are your hours?

You can place an order 24 hours 7 days a week though our website. Post Up Signs is always open and installs and removes Real Estate signs around the clock!

How am I billed, and how do I pay an invoice?

Post Up generates same day email invoices via Freshbooks. Invoices payments are due within 21 days of receipt. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late invoices You may make payments directly from your email invoice by using our online PayPal payment system. Simply click the link to view your invoice. At the top right of the invoice you will notice a Pay tab. Click the pay tab and follow the instructions to complete your secure online payment via Pay Pal. Payments may also be made by sending a check to: 5600 N. Vermont Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73112

What if I have an urgent request?

Please call us to discuss at 405-494-0505

How do I contact Post Up?

If you have any questions at all regarding our services or need to contact us please call 405-494-0505 or email us at