Welcome to Post Up Signs 

Installing your Real Estate signs since 2010!

Post up was started by a husband and wife team with more than 18 years of real estate, sales and marketing experience. We are here to help you sell your properties by taking care of the important details that exist in the real estate world today, leaving you with more time to sell and maximize your brand visibility.

Our real estate services , including sign post installation and removal, ensure you will not have to wrestle with another metal framed sign in the snow, freezing rain, bitter cold, driving wind, or blazing sun! We will store your signs, riders and lockboxes for free and track the signs you have active in the market. Just place your order online, and we will take care of the rest.

Post Up uses traditional-style, white, all-wood posts to beautifully and professionally display your signs, riders and flyer boxes. The posts are more visible from the street - creating more sign calls and prominently marketing your name to potential new clients in the neighborhood.

Visit the additional areas of our website for more details regarding our services and pricing. Under “Frequently Asked Questions” you will find straightforward answers to a number of details relating to Post Up and how we operate. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime at 405-494-0505.

We look forward to working with you!